Entrepreneurial teams are decision-making units (Amason et al., 2006) that decisively shape the company’s strategic posture (Mintzberg, 1979). However, within entrepreneurial teams, individual members can differ in their disposition to act in entrepreneurial ways, that is, their individual entrepreneurial orientation (iEO). This study calls attention to diversity in team members’ iEO and its dimensions proactiveness (an individual’s tendency to actively change vs. passively adapt to circumstances), risk taking (tendency to approach vs. avoid risk), and innovativeness (tendency to create novel solutions vs. improve existing solutions). Drawing upon research in team diversity and entrepreneurial orientation, we introduce entrepreneurial team members’ iEO diversity as a predictor for team performance. Although all three iEO diversity dimensions conform to the same diversity type when applying the typology by Harrison and Klein (2007), we argue that they vary in their type of relationship (valence and directness) on team outcomes.