Interpersonal feedback seeking seems essential for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs seek feedback from co-founders, employees, potential and early customers, key partners, experts, and even other entrepreneurs in the same field (Corner & Wu, 2012; Eisenhardt, 1989; Gemmell, Boland & Kolb, 2012; Fisher, 2012; Katre & Salipante, 2012; Kuhn & Galloway, 2015; Volery, Mueller & Siemens, 2015). We refer to the individuals asked for feedback as feedback sources. The extant literature points to a great diversity of feedback sources with a range of relationships between them and the entrepreneur (e.g. co-founders and competitors). In the context of such diversity of feedback sources, the literature does not provide any insights into how entrepreneurs decide whom to ask for feedback or what they value in feedback sources. Therefore, our key research question is: What attributes do entrepreneurs value in feedback sources?