In the past decades family business as well as entrepreneurship research engaged in the analysis of family firms. In fact, the general focus of entrepreneurship and family literature still remains on the development and survival of a single firm held by one family. However, in recent research approaches, the focus shifts from firm to family level of analysis. In order to explore the unique set of family values, beliefs and motivations, scholars recently exploratively developed scales to measure entrepreneurial orientation on corporate and family level. Accordingly, Entrepreneurial Orientation mutually serves as antecedent to the transgenerational value creation by families. The research body in the field is still insufficient to fully understand the transgenerational phenomenon. There hardly exists any empirical study, exploring the effect of contextually-influenced investment activities of family equity and its influence on transgenerational orientation and value creation processes. Intuitively examining the outstanding cases of family dynasties, we consider long-term family equity investments as the "entrepreneurial fuel". By employing a resource-based view on transgenerational entrepreneurship, our research intends to address the aforementioned gap in literature.