In today’s context of restricted public spending, the performance of support programs, including export support, has understandably become a crucial issue, with many governments now calling for the evaluation of export support services. Several quantitative studies of the effectiveness of export promotion in enhancing firm resources and performance have been conducted over the last few decades, but the findings of these studies have often been contradictory or inconclusive We therefore do not know which characteristics of business ecosystems have the greatest impact on export success, “particularly in terms of supporting export development.” Research is clearly needed. Another surprising observation is that born globals have been overlooked in empirical studies on export support program effectiveness, as research has exclusively focused on firms that internationalize according to the Uppsala model. We therefore designed a study to investigate the impact of export support programs on born globals. We then develop a conceptual model that links export support programs, relational capital and the international performance of BGs, both in terms of economic performance and the number of foreign markets in which they are present.