How do entrepreneurial firms foster dispersed entrepreneurship as they expand geographically? We draw on two literatures- new venture creation and entrepreneurship in multinational enterprises – to answer this question using theory-building, qualitative methods. Our findings highlight the enabling role of culture, talent and space in instituting dispersed entrepreneurship, and the amplifying effect of the reinforcing dynamics between these pillars.

Entrepreneurship scholars focus on growth at start-up, but less on growth at later stages. International business scholars focus on entrepreneurship within established multinationals, but less on how they become established. Our research fits in the middle, studying how new firms become multinationals, while maintaining their entrepreneurial nature. Following Rindova and Kotha (2001), we define morphing as ongoing and continuous transformation and dispersed entrepreneurship as geographically distributed recognition and exploitation of opportunities within and across an organization (Birkinshaw, 2000).