Despite their importance for new product development (NPD), understanding of team-related factors anteceding successful NPD efforts remains limited (Sivasubramaniam et al. 2012). In the entrepreneurship context, consequences of entrepreneurs’ emotions has gained increasing research attention (e.g. Cardon et al. 2012). In this vein, an individual’s entrepreneurial passion is associated with higher creativity (Cardon et al. 2009). Research on entrepreneurial passion of team leaders shows that passion relates to emotions and team behavior (Cardon 2008). However, the different dimensions of entrepreneurial passion may have ambivalent effects. For instance, Breugst et al. (2012) find that a leader’s perceived passion for founding lowers commitment while passion for inventing and developing have a positive association with team commitment. Hence, entrepreneurial passion of team leaders in established companies may also relate to team level behavior and creativity of team efforts. As team creativity is a major factor for successful NPD innovation (Sarooghi et al. 2015), understanding the relation between entrepreneurial passion and creative outcomes in the context of NPD project teams is of fundamental interest. However, thus far there is no evidence if and how leaders’ entrepreneurial passions may relate to NPD teams.