We theoretically derive and empirically analyze various forms of corporate involvement and discuss how they influence the performance of internal corporate ventures (ICVs). Prior research shows ICV autonomy within parent organizations (Burgelman, 1984; Miles & Covin, 2002); organizational design, decentralization, and formalization (Foss, Lyngsie, & Zahra, 2015); and the receipt of management support (Garrett & Neubaum, 2013) as important influencers of ICV performance. Nevertheless, as “substantial knowledge gaps exist” (Covin et al., 2015: 749) and only little is known about how corporate involvement influences ICVs (Burgers, Jansen, Van den Bosch, & Volberda, 2009; Garrett & Covin, 2015), we draw on participative management as a theoretical lens to develop a new framework that delineates the impact of corporate framework setting (e.g. early strategy development), corporate engagement (e.g. support for ICVs), and corporate mandates (controls and monitoring) on ICV sales performance.