Innovation through new product development (NPD) is a major challenge for established firms, yet understanding of success factors is still limited (Evanschitzky et al. 2012). On the firm level, positive affect (Baron & Tang 2011) and entrepreneurial passion for inventing (Strese et al. 2016) are positively related to frequency and innovativeness of new product introductions. Entrepreneurially passionate leaders may show strong engagement and positive emotions towards activities associated with generating and developing ideas into new product opportunities (Cardon et al. 2009). On the NPD project level, team leaders’ personal characteristics and leadership styles are associated with project results (e.g. Sarin & Mcdermott 2003). Thus, a project leader’s entrepreneurial passion supposedly relates to the outcomes of corporate NPD projects. However, the role of entrepreneurial passion in NPD projects remains unexplored. Therefore, this study aims at adding insights on the consequences of entrepreneurial passion for NPD product innovation and effectiveness and at investigating whether this relationship is mediated by an entrepreneurial leadership style.