We examine how NVTs converge around a shared sense of team passion, if at all, and test whether or not shared TEP has an impact on team reflexivity and team monitoring, and ultimately on team performance. Using a sample of 73 NVTs we find that not NVTs converge around a shared sense of team passion. Twelve of the 73 teams did not share consensus concerning the strength or focus of the team’s passion. Of the 61 teams that did have consensus concerning the team’s passion, 23 teams identified their passion as mono-focal, while 38 teams identified the team’s passion as polyfocal. Our results indicate that TEP for inventing and developing are positively related to team performance, and both of these paths are mediated by team reflexivity. TEP for founding does not have a significant effect, nor are any of the paths mediated by team monitoring. In general, polyfocal TEP has a stronger relationship with team performance than mono-focal TEP.