Prior research has investigated which structural (e.g. demography) and process (or dynamic, e.g. behavior) characteristics of the Top Management Team (TMT) are associated with superior hightech start-up (HTSU) performance (Klotz et al., 2014). However, the board also plays an important role in the development of HTSUs, and there are calls for more research on the processes within both the TMT and the board, in addition to their interactions (Zhang et al., 2011; Bjornali et al., 2016). Hence, our study aims to address this research gap in order to improve our understanding of how the TMT’s and board’s process characteristics influence the firm’s endeavors. Particularly, we hypothesize that both the networking capabilities (NC) and behavioral integration (BI) of the TMT will be associated with higher levels of TMT effectiveness, both directly and through increased involvement by the board in the joint decision-making.