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"[Grace] has been a good partner for me, has cooperated in all my plans and has stood for most of my nonsense. This is saying a good deal. In short, Grace Knight was the type for me, and I thank the good Lord every day that I bumped into her instead of some one else.

"Statistics show that most old maids are great talkers. It is the quiet, clinging-vine type that attracts the men. If my wife had been of the same type and temperament as I am, we would have wound up in the divorce court within a few years. No theatrical cast can succeed with more than one star; no ship can safely have more than one captain. I never knew a successful partnership of any kind, in marriage or business, where one was not the leader, although the other one often performed a most important part. This was true in my case. My wife has let me do the talking and get the honors, but she has always been the real 'works.'"
– Roger Babson
18 in x 23 1/2 in.


Roger Babson family, Grace Babson portrait