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Item: Highboy
Dimensions: 37” x 86” x 21”.
Descriptions: Queen Anne Eastern Massachusetts Highboy circa mid 18th century.
Notes: This exquisite piece of furniture belonged to David Low (1759-1840), great grandfather of Roger Babson..

Item: Shadeless Lamp
Dimensions: 14” x 55” x 14”.
Item: Wooden Ironing Board

Dimensions: 9.5” x 45.5” x 1”.
Descriptions: Wooden Ironing Board made by Nathaniel Babson in 1876, using the side of a packing box with Babson & Co. Gloucester Mass ERR stamped on the wood.
Notes: Nathaniel Babson made the board for his wife to use in the ironing of baby Roger’s clothes. The packing box was used to bring goods from Boston to N.B.'s dry goods store in Gloucester. Note name "Eastern R.R." which was the predecessor of the B & M.

Item: Civil War Era Sword
Dimensions: 44" long.
Descriptions: This sword was used in the Civil War belonged Dike "Yankee Bodley" of the Horatio Babson family of Pilgrim Cove. It was presented to R.W.B by Mr. Morrisey on Sept 5th, 1936.
Notes: See remnant of name on upper part of blade directly under the hilt-on handle.

Item: Fireplace and Mantel
Dimensions: 54” x 59” x 20”.
Descriptions: Wood and brick fireplace and mantel.
Notes: Contains poker and tongs not from a matching set.

Item: Clock
Dimensions: 8.5” x 10” x 4.5”.
Descriptions: Clock on top of the mantel piece. Make by the Gilbert Manufacturing Company, Winston, Conn. Manufacturers of Brass Clocks, eight day and thirty hour, weight, spring, pendulum, and marine clocks, regulators and calendars. (Written inside clock)
Notes: This clock was wound every day for over 50 years by Hersum Stearns of Amherst, N.H. He was Roger W. Babson's great, great, great Grandfather. It was later given to Elisa J Stearns then bought by Roger W. Babson in 1939. On the card next to clock: O.H. Lowd, Repairer of clocks, watches, jewelry, sewing machines, music boxes, and spectacles. Clocks called for at house, also, all kinds of Job Work and Small Forging done. Amherst, NH. On the back of the card: Colonial. Oiled and repaired. N.P.P. Miss E.J. Stearns 1880 Amherst

Item: God Bless Our Home
Dimensions: 25 x 13 x 1”.
Descriptions: "God Bless Our Home" needlepoint in wood frame, hanging over the mantel.

Item: Walking Stick
Dimensions: 54” x 59” x 20”.
Descriptions: Walking stick with ivory/bone handle and diamond-shaped inlays.


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