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Item: Trunk with Walking Sticks
Dimensions: 24” x 30” x 15”.
Descriptions: Open trunk with three items inside.
Notes: Trunk contains a branding iron was used by Gustavus Babson in 1840 at 245 Washington St. Gloucester. Measured 18.5”. Walking stick with rubber handle, measured 36”. Cane with bumps always carried by Gustavus Babson who was R.W.B.'s grandfather. Measured 36.5”.

Item: Photograph of Alice Stearns Babson
Dimensions: 15.5” x 18” x 1”.
Descriptions: Photograph portrait of Alice Stearns Babson in black wood frame.

Item: Baby Cradle
Dimensions: 42” x 38” x 20”.
Descriptions: Wooden baby cradle.
Notes: Two baby quilts lies within the cradle, measuring 36” x 26” each.

Item: Two Windows
Dimensions: 45” x 69” each.
Descriptions: Two windows on the wall opposite the bed.


Roger Babson