Submissions from 2010


The Ambidextrous Organization: Integrating Managers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders, Philip A. Dover and Udo Dierk

Submissions from 2008

The Impact of Offshored and Outsourced Call Service Centers on Customer Appraisals, Anne L. Roggeveen

The Effect of Compensation on Repurchase Intentions in Service Recovery, Anne L. Roggeveen and Dhruv Grewal

Customer Experience Creation: Determinants, Dynamics and Management Strategies, Anne L. Roggeveen and Leonard Schlesinger

Submissions from 2007

Changing False Beliefs from Repeated Advertising: The Role of Claim-Refutation Alignment, Anne L. Roggeveen

How Call Center Location Impacts Expectations of Service from Reputable vs. Lesser Known Firms, Anne L. Roggeveen

The Negative Effect of Policy Restrictions on Consumers’ Post-purchase Reactions to Price-Matching Guarantees, Anne L. Roggeveen and Dhruv Grewal

Submissions from 2006

Does the Frame of a Comparative Ad Moderate the Effectiveness of Extrinsic Information Cues?, Anne L. Roggeveen and Dhruv Grewal

Submissions from 2004

Integration of Discrepant Sales Forecasts: The Influence of Plausibility Inferences Based on an Evoked Range, Anne L. Roggeveen

Submissions from 2002

Perceived Source Variability versus Familiarity: Testing Competing Explanations for the Truth Effect, Anne L. Roggeveen