TEACHING CASE: Succession in Chinese Family Businesses (A): Fotile and the Mao Family

The CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage was set up as a knowledge centre committed to helping China’s family businesses sustain and go global as well as enabling foreign enterprises to better understand China’s family firms.

The Centre’s Co-Director Professor Jean Lee and Case Consultant Rebecca Chung are currently developing a collection of cases focusing on succession and business transformation issues at Chinese family companies.


Teaching Case




This is the first case (A) in a three case series that focus on two Chinese families’ experiences with entrepreneurship and succession. Because most family businesses in China are relatively young, these first-generation entrepreneurs use their own approach to identify and develop their successors, and to pass their “wealth” to their offspring in a context shaped by unique Chinese cultural elements. The role-play exercise that relates to the (C) case illustrates the current Chinese cultural characteristics that influence leadership succession and highlights the case issues to be explored in the case discussion.



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