Transgenerational entrepreneurship in the global world


Cross Cultural & Strategic Management (CCSM)


Editorial for the special section: transgenerational entrepreneurship in the global world

I am delighted to offer this special session for readers of Cross-Cultural and Strategic Management and the academic community at large. First of all, families and the ventures and businesses they created are the dominant form of business organisation worldwide (Basco et al., 2018; La Porta et al., 1999). In recent years we see increasing attention from researchers, and family business research can be said to be moving into the main-stream when increasing number of papers appear in leading journals. New journals have also emerged as platforms for family business researchers to exchange ideas and accumulate knowledge. Meanwhile, more and more journals have devoted special issues related to different aspects of FB. As a case in point, Chrisman et al. (2018) announced that their recent issue “Governance Mechanisms and Family Firms” is actually the 14th special issue on theories of family enterprises published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Policy.

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Kevin Au, (2018) "Editorial for the special section: transgenerational entrepreneurship in the global world", Cross Cultural & Strategic Management, Vol. 25 Issue: 4, pp.546-549, https://doi.org/10.1108/CCSM-10-2018-219



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