The purpose of this report is to present general information about the Latin American family businesses collected through the survey, in terms of size, structures and mechanisms of corporate governance and family itself, plus other dimensions such as the resources they have and their entrepreneurial, financial and social performance.

The sample consists of 113 family businesses in their second or third generation and incorporates 159 respondents (employees and /or family members) who completed the instrument developed.

In Latin America, respondents belong mostly to the second generation (54.8%), compared to Europe where the respondents are distributed between the second and third generation 37 .8% and 27.9%, respectively. The third generation in Latin America represents only 10.4%. This high participation of founders in the company means that the average generation for Latin America is lower (1.9 generations) than for Europe (2.55 generations).

The distribution by age for Europe and Latin America is similar, ranging between 41 and 60 years old, accounting for 46% of the sample in both continents. Regarding gender distribution, 77% of respondents were men, both in Europe and Latin America.

Respondents from Europe have greater average experience in management tasks within the company (17. 7 years) compared to those in Latin America (16.2 years).

Finally, regarding the position of the respondents within the family business, we have: in Latin America, 25.8% are founders, while in Europe is 12.8%, 27% are president in Latin America and 28.4% in Europe, 41.5% are CEOs in Latin America and in Europe 38.7%, 48.4% are members of the Board of Directors in Latin America and 40.8% are in Europe, and 61.6% are part of the senior management team tin Latin America and 36. 7% in Europe.