The STEP Project is pleased to share the benchmarking results from the 2019 Survey! The topic for this study was the “Impact of changing demographics on succession and governance”. With people living longer, the traditional methods of transition and governance in family businesses are no longer appropriate. This research will explore and articulate how business families are dealing with these issues and what succession and governance models could look like in the modern era.

Over 1800 business family leaders from around the globe contributed to this remarkable and unique data set over a five-month period. Thirty-three of the 36 countries represented in this data set, contributed at least 25 surveys and about 1/3 of the countries contributed 50 surveys or more!

Listed below in alphabetical order is a report for each of the 33 countries that contributed at least 25 surveys to this data set. Each report provides a descriptive analysis and comparison of the country to each of the five regions of the world (Asia & Pacific; Middle East & Africa; Europe & Central Asia; Latin America & Caribbean; and North America). The following topics are highlighted in the reports below:

  1. Demographics of CEOs
  2. Retirement plans
  3. Succession plans
  4. Respondent information
  5. Family Business information
  6. Region classification