Babson College has had a long tradition of theatrical performance. Under several names (Babson Dramatic Club, Babson Theatre Guild, and the Babson Players) Babson students have produced musical theatre and plays for the community.

The Babson Dramatic Club is credited with the first play production on campus and for the following:

  • Holiday (1949/50)
  • Mind Over Manor (1950/1)
  • Lady of Letters (1951/2)
  • Around the World (1951/2)
  • Royal Family (1951/2)
  • Stage Door (1952/3)
  • Across the Campus and Into the Woods (1952/3)
  • Strictly a Review (1953/4)
  • Ain't Like Sin (1955/6)
  • Good News (1957)

Their final production playbook is the only one digitally available.


Submissions from 1957


Good News, F. C. Irrgang (Producer, Director); James Sherry Director; R. Glenn Stauffer (Technical Director); Norm Robbins (Stage Crew); Caroljean Irrgang (Makeup); James Sherry (Choreography); Robert Schor (Lighting); Bob Welling (Music); and Bob Karlin (Play Bill)