Truly quiet heroes, these hidden gems sweep in to save the day for the Babson Players. “Could you please move the piano?” “We need 10 chairs!” “Could we get a dump-ster?” “Sorry, we know its midnight, but we still need the theatre…” The pleas from the Players are endless… yet from setup, to tear-down, to crisis control, the Facilities team at Babson College goes above and beyond simply completing work requests. The support Facilities pro-vides to the Players is beyond evident. Producing a the-atrical performance isn‟t easy, especially considering the random surprises that appear each day during the re-hearsal and technical process. It is because of depart-ments in the Babson community like Facilities that we can produce a show at all.

For this and more, we thank you and proudly dedicate this epic production of The Wedding Singer to the Babson College Facilities Department.

Yours in Player Love,

The Babson Players Executive Board
Vanessa Theoharis, President
Meredith Whatley, Vice President
Jacob Brady, Treasurer
Kerry Liszka, Secretary
Morgan Smith, Events Coordinator


Theatre and Performance Studies