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Download “Operating Highlights” – Homecoming, Globe Trot, Halloween, and Winter Weekend (12.9 MB)

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Download “Leisure Time Group” – Student Gov’t, Licensing Committee, Traffic Court, and Forum (4.0 MB)

Download Finance & Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions, S.A.M., Marketing Association, Free Press, Cardinal Key, and Babson Christian Fellowship (5.0 MB)

Download Babson Hosts, Student Businesses, B.I.S.O., Academy of Accountancy, Social Committee, and B Club (7.8 MB)

Download Women’s Outreach, Babson Players, Circle K, Film Society, Jazz Band, and Beaver Brau (7.9 MB)

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Download “Junior Executives” Freshmen: Adams – Hintz (7.6 MB)

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Download Sophomores: Labruzzo – Zenouzi (7.3 MB)

Download Juniors: Abraham – Landry (7.4 MB)

Download Juniors: Lawlor – Zemmol (9.3 MB)

Download “Board of Directors” Office of the President, Deans, Dedication, Sponsors (3.8 MB)

Download “Senior Executives” December Grads, Senior Portraits: Agricola – Curran (8.9 MB)

Download Senior Portraits: D’Arrigo – McPeak (8.1 MB)

Download Senior Portraits: McPherson – Zimmer (8.0 MB)

Download Senior Week, Graduation, Student Sponsors, and Advertisements (6.5 MB)


This is a digitized, downloadable version of the Babsonian. Downloading the full yearbook will take a long time. We have divided it into sections for easier access.

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The Babsonian 1983